Organizational Strategy

Transformational Strategy Design

Discovery Process
Mapping out a Framework Vision includes:

Feasibility Study Process
Testing the validity and funding potential of the strategic direction that emerges from the Discovery Process with lead and potential funders and community partners

Transformational Strategy Report
The creation of a final deliverable that recommends a new strategic direction, high-potential strategies to achieve it, and how best to fuel them looking ahead.

Adaptive Strategic Planning

Organizational Identity and Analysis
Key, diverse stakeholders assess the organization’s business model, market position and competitive advantage, review the mission, and form an Identity Statement that helps guide strategic planning.

Visionary Process
Participants clarify the organization’s reason for being, mine what makes the organization invaluable, and reflect on the organization’s landmark “waves” of past, organizational development.

Strategic Framework Formation
Participants shape a Strategy Filter to help prioritize the organization’s work, identify key opportunities and assess their value, competitiveness, equity and feasibility (relative to capacity and funding). They then shape and test a strategic framework with key, diverse stakeholders while exploring how to perpetuate a discipline of adaptive, strategic thinking with the organization’s leadership.

Strategic Advisory Services


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